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Stefan Coleman, Founder of StopCaller

Stefan Coleman

Stefan Coleman, Founder of StopCaller

Over the last 8 years, Stefan Coleman has led a team that has stopped hundreds of telemarketing companies from harassing people. ​


Stefan Coleman created StopCaller so that consumers have a place to report unwanted telemarketing calls. His team of investigators track down and stop the telemarketers for their unwanted calls, at no cost to the consumer.

Assembling The Team

Stefan assembled a team of ex-telemarketers along with top-level lawyers and investigators to stop telemarketers from evading the laws. ​

The team investigates every report you submit. If we can track down the telemarketer, we will force them to stop calling you.

Getting Results

After we stop the telemarketer from calling you, we can claim money from the telemarketer for you on your behalf. You are entitled
to $500 per unsolicited call, text, or fax that you received.

There is no cost to you for our services, ever.


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You Report Them. We Stop Them.