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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The TCPA is an important law that was enacted in 1991 by Congress to protect you from illegal telemarketing calls. By reporting on our site, we will use the TCPA to stop the calls and collect money on your behalf.

What is illegal?

Auto-generated calls and text messages to a cell phone may be illegal.

Pre-recorded calls to your landline may be illegal.

Calls, texts and faxes made without consent are most likely illegal.

Any calls, texts or faxes you receive after asking the telemarketer to stop are illegal.

How Much Can I Get?

Typically, we are able to help you receive around $1,000 under the TCPA for those we file a complaint on behalf of. Each case is different, and the amounts can be higher or lower. We aim to collect $500 for each illegal call/text/fax you received.

Stop Calls from 800-321-3938

You Report Them. We Stop Them.

Stop Calls from 800-321-3938

Your Report Them. We Stop Them.